Victory is Always Ours


A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.


Today the civilizations of the West suffer from a political climate that is at a stage of extreme digression. A digression so severe, that if not remedied some or all of the nations of the West, Europe, America, Canada all will be lost. South Africa is already long been fed into the cesspool of diversity, tolerance and multiculturalism. What is happening to Western lands and Western peoples is it’s subjugation by foreign people, foreign cultures and foreign religions. This is a real danger to Western civilization.

The whole of the Western European Nations are founded upon Christian law and Christian ideals. America’s Patriot Party is here to support the United States President as long as he is a Christian and conducts his office in accordance with the Constitution of the United States of America. We oppose anything we believe to be a violation of Christian law. We support our nations military and our nations law enforcement agencies all across the country for the good of the nation. If we cannot stem this tidal wave of Islamic refugees and illegal aliens invading our shores and the crime they bring to our streets then we will be left with no choice but to defend our families with brute force. The price our children will have to pay should we fail in our duty to them and our nation is far too great.

It is impossible to reconcile all peoples, cultures and ways of life while all residing within the same framework and territory of one nation with its own people, culture and way of life unless there is a massive lowering of standards. This always leads to the decay of the nation and its eventual fall. History reveals this to be so. We refuse to allow that to happen to our beloved homeland without a fight.

When the time of battle comes upon our nation’s soil we know that patriotic and freedom loving American men and women will answer the call to arms with a resolute vigor and determination in the likeness of the many great battles fought by our people over the course of history. Nothing has changed our instinctive will to survive and live free. If reason and diplomacy fail to convince our enemies, then a swift violent and lethal reaction is our only choice. Surrender is not an option.

When we consider the foundations of Western culture we find we are examining a culture and a people who have endured hardships, conquered the elements and founded and built up the greatest of nations.

Webster’s dictionary defines homeland as “A state or area set aside to be a state for a people of a particular national, cultural, or racial origin” And then Webster defines security as “the state of being protected or safe from harm” Securing a homeland is the securing of the territorial landscape required to sustain it’s people, it’s heritage and it’s culture for future generations.  Therefore we must give serious consideration and take measured action when it comes to securing our country.

Western civilization has always been the best the world has to give. When you look out your window and see your boarders overrun with strangers, your cities ravaged with fire, your streets filled with chaos and all created by a people you do not recognize as your own, then your homeland has been invaded and is being assaulted by a chaotic lawless people. If your government is doing nothing to stop it, then rebellion is an absolute duty. Even though we are an organization comprised solely of men of European ancestry we believe that all citizens regardless of race creed or color who are lawful, productive, law abiding, natural born, or naturalized citizens of the nation have a right to enjoy the bounty of Americas rich blessings to achieve the American dream free from racial harassment or harm. We believe this to be in accordance with Christian and Biblical law.

We also must take measured action in the oversight of our institutions such as our governmental and judicial bodies, our military and police forces. We must give the same determined and thorough consideration to our educational system and our religious institutions. The Word of God tells us that the enemy comes but to steal to kill and destroy. We must act in a way that discourages any of our enemies from launching any sort of an assault. Peace by strength as our President so rightly asserts.

No other instinct prevails over the instinct of self-preservation. So it is for the individual and so it is for the nation. No matter how difficult it may be to see this trait in these present circumstances it is a collective as well as an exclusive trait among Western men and history itself reveals that to be so. And the future will prove it beyond any and all doubt as well. Victory is always ours.